What did you think about the fortuitous bounce leading to the goal by Kevin Bieksa?  Who do you think The Canucks will play?


Canucks Vs Sharks WCF 2011

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The Canucks are playing the San Jose Sharks in the Western Conference Finals of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Who do you think will win? How many games will the series go? Who will be the most effective players be for each team?

The Philadelphia Flyers are once again down 3-0 in the eastern conference semifinal, do you think they can come back to win again? Who do you think the best player has been for the bruins? How about the Flyers?

Burrows Clutches Again

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Alexandre Burrows, Captain clutch for the Canucks. As i am sure you all know, Alex Burrows scored the Overtime winner in game 7 against the Chitown Blackhawks. How far do you think the Canucks will go? Who do you think will score the future OT winners?


The Vancouver Canucks have clinched the President’s Trophy, for the best record in the regular season. They finished the regular season with a total of 117 points which was a dazzling 10 more points than the Washington Capitals of the Eastern Conference. What are your thoughts on how the Canucks will do in the Playoffs?

The 2010 President's Trophy Winner Washington Capitals captain, Alex Ovehkin receiving the president's Trophy

A few days ago 6’9″ boston Bruins defenseman seriously injured max Pacioretty of the Montreal Canadiens. He recieved no suspension. Do you think Chara should have been suspended? If so for how long?

Wow the Vancouver Canucks are still in first place in the National Hockey League. What are your thoughts on them? How do you think they will finish? Go Canucks Go!!